Water Leak Detection

Leak Detection for Water spots or Water Stains on walls or ceilings

What is leak detection for water and do you need it?

Water Leak Detection

Water spots or water stains on your walls and/or ceilings can be a cause for great concern to anyone. The water spot or stain can be in different area than the leak site. The sneaky water leaks can lead to expensive damages to your home. It is very important to catch the issue as soon as possible. Our reps will come out and help you with identifying the issue and connect you with the best top performing licensed professional in our network. Our reps make sure you are provided with the most affordable options available. If you are not sure what you are looking for, continue reading below before booking your FREE consultation!

Common Water Leak Issues:

Water travels down the easiest path to the ground. Sometimes that path leads to water spots or stains that collect onto the walls and ceilings of your home. Determining the cause of those leaks can be frustrating. A few common causes of these issues can sometimes be traced back to roof leaks, A/C drainpipe leaks or pan overflows, leaks from pressurized water lines and drain leaks in two-story or taller buildings. Houses built before 1990 can be at a higher risk of these complications. Contact us today if your home is experiencing any of these issues!

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A/C Leaks: (Coming Soon!)

If you are noticing water spots or moisture buildup around your air vent, your air conditioner could be the cause. Hot and humid days, combined with doors being opened and closed throughout the day, can allow condensation to form around your vents. A larger water damage spot with or without active leaking could possibly be leaking pipes above your a/c vent. Water damage in the middle of your ceiling might be caused by pan overflow if your a/c unit is above the area of concern.

However, if it is a big wet spot and has active water leaking, or it stopped leaking, but the water spot was still there or the stain, then this could be caused by leaking pipes that’s directly above your air conditioner vents. If this is what you’re experiencing, please click the button to schedule an appointment right away.

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Drain Leaks:

When the water damage area is getting more saturated with water after showering, draining the tub, flushing the toilet, or running the sink then the drain could be the problem. Two-story and larger homes can be at risk for water damage on ceilings and walls caused by drains located above the area.

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Pipe Leaks:

Pipe Leaks:

Our homes rely on water safely contained in pressurized water lines that guide the flow to the source we are wanting to pull from. Unfortunately, water leaking from those pipes is common for older and newer homes. Water spots that are staying consistently wet can be a sign of an active leak. At times the leaking pipe can close itself off like a bandage leaving behind a stain. This is a warning sign that can lead to future damage and higher expenses to have it corrected. Please do not disregard these warnings! Schedule your FREE consultation today!

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Roof Leaks:

A leaky roof could be the cause of the water damage if the area is not located near a water source. Water flowing through your roof may not travel directly down the layers of your attic. The water will come out wherever it can find an escape. It can be a little tricky to determine if this is the cause of your water damage. Leaks in your roof invites mold and mildew to potentially infest your home if they are not caught soon enough. Our reps can assist you in determining the cause of the damage and provide you with the best possible service that keeps your household safe from these hazards.

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