Old, Rusty, Galvanized Pipes

Old Galvanized Rusty Pipes

Old, galvanized piping Can cause leaks and damage to homes. If you’re experiencing any kind of low water flow or have wet spots in your ceilings or walls Or Your water is not running at all. Then you should talk to experts on what’s going on with your system and the damage it can cause. 

Old Galvanized pipes can cause major damage to your home if not taken care of as soon as possible. Galvanized piping is notorious for patching itself up with its own rust. So, a hole can develop and then eventually the rust will fill up the hole and block it like a dam. Unfortunately, this is only temporarily and then the dam can actually crack and the next thing you know, you come home to a flooded home. We never try to scare you about anything. We just want to open your eyes to what really happens with the old, galvanized piping.

If you notice a wet spot on your floor, be sure to look up and see if you see any water on the ceiling. This could be an indicator that you had a pipe leak already and it closed itself off. If you see water coming from your baseboard area from the wall, then you could have a possibility of a leak inside the wall.

Old, galvanized piping causes water restriction. Therefore, if you have low water flow or your hot water is taken forever to travel. Then you have a blockage in your pipe. These are just warning signs that your pipes are getting old and ready to cause more damage.

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