Founded to help you determine the main issues you are experiencing and to guide you on how everything can go. We want to help you solve your problems and take the stress out of dealing with multiple contractors that don’t do anything but give you a bid.

All kinds of Contracting Services

LS Home Consultants is a Marketing/Sales company. LS Home Consultants works directly with the local contractors to bring you professional service at affordable rates. We contract with multiple shops to be able to bring you full-service needs. We work directly with the shops, so we know we will bring you quality service. We are networking with local shops to help handle all aspects of your property, which means we don’t take your information and sell it off to other companies and have four or five contractors contacting you.

LS Home Consultants and its network of shops have teamed up to provide you with our best service possible by providing you with free in-home consultations, on the spot estimates from our network of contractors, and once approved, continuing the work and getting it done within days, not weeks.

Bringing you our very best Service Around! We specialize in bringing you new windows, new fencing, new flooring (Carpet, Wood & Laminate). new Granite Countertops, Roofing and Solar Panels and so MUCH MORE! Just click for your Free consultation. We even put you with Licensed professionals to do all your full-service items. Schedule Today!

Are you in need of the right person or shop to come to your home and solve your issues?

(New Shops Coming Soon) Whether it’s needing to keep your power running on your home during storms, water stains on ceilings or walls, floors buckling, needing windows, air not blowing cold or Hot, then look no further. Not only will we find you the right team for your project, but we will work with our network of local shops. We will schedule you a free consultation and provide you top star service.

Roofing, New Fence or Granite Countertops Click or Call below.

Click the button to get started today! Or Call today 1-877-LS HOME-0


Trusted Professional Pros

Working with our network of professional shops will bring a smile to your face, knowing you made the right decision on who you hired to take care of your most important needs to protect your home. Call today!

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Our Promise to You

Our promise to you, is to bring you the best service that we can offer possible. We have been contractors for over 36 years. We understand how it is to work with contractors. Having your information sold over to multiple vendors. It’s not always a fun time. This is why we pride ourselves to bring you everything in one package.

Why Choose Us

In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are:

Our Partners/Shops are dedicated to bringing you a professional service and quality job in every performance they do. Our Partners can consist of:

General Questions

Do you have water spots on your ceiling or walls?

These could be caused by 4 different things. Most don’t know what causes it, but our knowledgeable reps and network of expert shops do! Call today for your FREE evaluation.

Need a New Roof for Great Price. Call Today for Free Consultation!

Wet floors or Puddles can be signs of leaks. These can cause major damages and other things, Call and get book with our expert reps today!

Need New Carpet, Wood Floors, Vinyl or Laminate Flooring. Call us today!

Taking showers gotten difficult do to low water or no water?

These can all be signs of whats coming next. Don’t wait till it’s to late. Talk to our experts today. Call now or click to send info.

Active leaks can cause MAJOR Damages. Don’t Wait for it to destroy, call today and talk to our experts on what you can do to prevent this from destroying your home. Call today!

Out with the Old and in with the new!

Replace your old windows today and install new affordable LOW e Glass windows.

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If you have any emergency need, simply call our 24 hour number to book appointment

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