Low Water Flow/ No Water Flow

Low Water Flow or No Water

Apparently, Low water flow can be caused by many things.

But, if it’s consistent low water flow, then the possibility is blockage inside your pipe or your fixture. If the block is inside the fixture, then usually, it’s caused by the corrosion that’s inside the pipe.

This is usually, a pretty good sign that you have old, galvanized piping. A good rule of thumb is, built before 1990 then you good have old Galvanized pipes.

Low water flow Is a sign of your pipes actually closing up and restricting the water flow from passing through.

First, this is a warning sign that your house is getting close to having a heart attack. It’s like a clogged artery in the body.

Secondly, not only does it have a clogged artery, but the pipes themselves can also have pinhole leaks that you’re not Aware of, and these pinhole Leaks can lead to a lot of damage.

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Another, sign of low water flow can be caused by an active leak underneath the slab of your home.

This can do a lot of damage. The water will continue spraying nonstop, making your water bills go high and creating a hole underneath your home, but also can get the concrete of your slab so wet that your tile floors start popping up and also causing mold underneath your flooring.

These particular leaks are a little bit harder to Identify. They are identified by low water flow. Warm spots in the floor or high-water bills. This is repairable, however, if it’s already happening once, it will happen again.

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Low Water Flow from Sink Faucet

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